Happy Groundhog / Valentines day

I guess they’re quite close together (two weeks apart) and despite being English I like the concept of Groundhog day as much as Valentines, if not more so (why don’t hallmark get in on the act and produce "Happy Groundhog Day" cards?).

In case you aren’t familiar with the film or the festival – every year on Feburary 2nd in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania an oversized rodent is released from its burrow, if the first thing the rodent sees is its shadow, then winter will last for 6 more weeks. It is scientifically proven. This year the groundhog predicts an early summer.

As far St Valentine is concerned here is a top five of alternative things to do (aside from the usual wineing and dining)

1) Go to a gig (this works if you are single and looking out or already taken)
2) If you are single, ask out every member of the opposite sex in your phone book (or at least the ones you actually fancy). Do it by text message then you can get around embarrasing rejections by using the excuse "Oh my phone was stolen by some hoodlums so maybe they sent that text". This is a good excuse
3) If you are taken but want to ditch your significant other, you could take up an extreme sport for one evening only. They might then dump you out of fear saving you the hassle of dumping them.
4) Go to the theatre – It makes you look like a deeper person than the cinema would, plus you don’t have to talk to your date.
5) Um…running out of ideas…cook something yourself?