At the risk of becoming increasingly like my parents – to whom every edible food is an apparent danger* – I think I might be allergic to "Smints" the popular breath mints. Every time I’ve had a smint over the last few weeks it has been accompanied by stomach pains and other problems. I think it might be the sorbitol because I’ve noticed a lesser effect with sugarfree gum. Dammit why can’t they make unsweetend varieties? Maybe it’s coincidence though. I might have to experiment with other breath freshing products to find out.

(*I mention this because my parents do infact have allergies, but they have a habit of "overextending" and "underextending" their symptoms depending on circumstance. Example: If you were to offer my mum coffee she would reply, "no thank you, I’m allergic to caffine and it gives me terrible migranes" (paraphrased). On the other hand offer her chocolate (which incidently contains a fair dose of everyones favorite drug) and the mysterious migranes don’t happen.)

One thought on “Allergy?

  1. Could be the sorbitol. If you read the minuscule print (it’s gone through "small print" and out the other side) it says something like "excessive consumption can have laxative effects. I guess your body’s definition of "excessive consumption" is just different to most people’s.

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