I’m having a slack week at work (in as much as there is little to do). For some reason this means that the quality of my day dreams have taken a hit and hence it’s been a slow week for blogging…

here is a top five types of cheese as a blatant space filler:

1. Wensleydale (my prefered regional variety for obvious reasons. The Vale of York doesn’t make it’s own cheese but if it did, it would be top of the list)

2. Cheddar (an all rounder this one, the workhorse of the cheese world and a constant companion and friend in the harsh world of post-student cooking)

3. Camonbert (oven heated untill it starts to melt, then dunk large pieces of french bread in for insta-starter, serve with red wine)

4. Fullers beer cheese (fullers london pride + some kind of cheese that I’ve forgotten about. I had it one year at christmas time but haven’t seen it anywhere since)

5. Edam (the peelable cheese, kind of like an apple, but inside it’s cheese!)

We apologise again for the poor quality of his blogging. Mistakes will be recitified.