The flak cannon of festive cheer

Sorry about yesterdays bitterness. I’m cheered up today by the realization that I have more money than I thought I had. The upshot of this is that I can probably afford turntables AND might have spare change to buy a new motherboard for my poorly computer. And I discovered where one of my favorite record shops has relocated to.

I might well have a festive drink to celebrate.

In the meantime here is an obligatory end of year top 5 (since every other blogger, message board and news paper comulnist seems to have one)

The top 5 gigs of the year as witnessed by Your Humble Narrator:

1. John Smith (Liverpools Folk-Hendrix-Guitar-Percussionist) in some tiny art gallery down Duke street I think, playing to a packed audience. Certainly one of the cosiest gigs I’ve been to

2. Belle & Sebastian at the Manchester Ritz (the only reason they’re at no. 2 is cos we paid over the odds on ebay for tickets)

3. Bonobo at the Magnet (Jazz dance music thang)

4. DJ Shadow sneaks in due to the high quality of his video stuff (although hip-hop’s not really my thing)

5. Arab Straps farewell tour – (My being a big fan of Scottish indie music, although their lyrics were a bit close to the bone sometimes)

Well theres a few different genres there so I’m happy.

And a big happy festive new year to all my regular readers too!

One thought on “The flak cannon of festive cheer

  1. I’ve been offline for a while, read your previous post, and am glad to welcome you back to not feeling so irritated.

    my mother used to say "No one is harder to get along with than people"

    she has a point there… you did good. and Happy New Year!


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