A festive top 5

Since my last entry was a bit glum here is my top 5 things about christmas in no particular order

1) Beards. Jesus has/had one (theological conundrum, is he still bearded now?) , Santa has one, this christmas why not grow one yourself as the ultimate christmas decoration (Note to female readers this may not actually be possible in your case)

2) Trees. Fresh christmas tree smell is one of the nicest smells in the universe

3) Advent calenders. This year I recieved a "Pirates of the Carribean" advent calender from Katie. Unfortunately it appears that Kiera Knightly doesn’t make the piratical grade as she doessn’t appear on aforementioned calender. This could mean one of three things a) Kiera Knightley is only a pirate in training b) Girls can’t be pirates or c) The calender is a shady unoffical calender which isn’t licenced by disney and so they couldn’t use her image (a pirate-pirate calender if you will)

4) Wensleydale cheese and christmas cake combo snacking. You really should try this even if you’re not from Yorkshire

5) Some messianic goings on in a stable, or some such… 🙂