War of the roses redux

The mighty Ship and Mitre pub (in Liverpool) has had a mini War of the Roses themed beer festival. Obviously there were far less fatalities than the original (If only the houses of Lancaster and York had settled their differences using a beer festival instead of a war in the first place..). Obviously I went along to support Yorkshire – Merseyside, technically being part of Lancashire, is enemy territory to me but instead of grenading the place and killing everyone present, I did my bit by buying a pint of Yorkshires finest instead. They also had a choice of yorkshire puddings or lancashire hotpot as bar snacks. Needless to say it was the best trip to a pub I’ve had in ages

One thought on “War of the roses redux

  1. I knew that would get on! I think you need more top 5 guidance, after reading that last offering, so can you give us 5 battles of the roses that could have been had instead of the big bloody one, you can include the beer festival if you wish!

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