It’s time for another top 5…

I have a LOT of time to daydream in my current job, so I’ve come up with a top 5 ways to worry, annoy or scare your co workers. (NB I’m not resposible for any loss of earning caused by following any advice printed on this blog)

1) Pretend you are an elk for a day. This works particularly well if you ‘rut’ your coworkers on the arm with you forehead (imagine you have horns coming out of it, or if you are feeling daring, construct some out of papier mache). Also elks don’t talk so you can avoid dull conversations.

2) Bring a gun into the office. Don’t shoot, threaten or menace anyone with it, just leave it casually lying on you desk in plain view. This casual approach to firearms will cause more psycological damage than anything you could actually DO with the weapon.

3) Choose a coworker and stare at them for a day. Be careful, if you choose a member of the opposite sex you could be done for sexual harassment. If you talk to your neighbour first (about anything) and then stare at your victim, they will assume you are talking about them.

4) Dress just like your boss. This is the easiest and least illegal option I could think of. Works best if they have an outlandish taste in ties. Has the added advantage that if you are taller than your boss, you can refer to them as "Mini-me"

5) Lick the carpet, curl in to the foetal position every time a certain word is mentioned or jog in circles atround the office (or any other odd physical behaviour of your choice)

4 thoughts on “It’s time for another top 5…

  1. ha ha ha…hee-he-hee-heee…oh boy! excellent! do you mind if i copy your suggestions and leave on my nice coworker’s desk? she’ll think it’s a riot – we have a 3rd coworker who is incredibly rude, inefficient, and all around obnoxious…and difficult to work with/near/around. i think we should start implementing your suggestions…perhaps she’ll ask for a transfer! ha!

  2. those sneaky little www address things! nevermind. just check out my response in my blog – have a good day 🙂

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