The mad, bad and scary world of “christian” videogames

News has reached my ears that wouldbe end of days prophecy nutter Tim LaHaye has produce a videogame based on his interpretation of the book of revelation. (NB the word Nutter as used above reflects the view of DW and not those of the wibsite as a whole).

The game Left Behind:Eternal Forces features miltant christians out to kill or convert on the streets of New York, (see for a review). It’s apparently bizzarely sexist in that female troops can’t build structures. And it depicts guitarists as servants of the anti-christ.

Admittedly I haven’t plaid this game (but neither have most of the people who critisized GTA) but the idea of projecting one theological slant as mainstream christian thought worries me intensely. Some rival company should produce a liberation theology themed game where you establish left wing workers co-ops in South America.