When Fred Durst appeared in a music video driving a four door crysler saloon, everyone loudly exclaimed "He’s driving a sensible, family oriented vehicle with reasonable mpg – in a music video!!" Or at least I did.

When microsoft used a Weezer video to advertise Windows’ multimedia capabilites, everone was equally astounded, sort of.

Apple on the other hand, desipte being used by journos, cad operators, and artists, were never able to latch on to the MTV generation until the Ipod came along. Nowadays it is common to see B-List r’n’b starlets pausing in the middle of a music video to thumb through the menu of a diamante encrusted mp3 player that they may as well have got in the dixons sales and then blinged up with glitter pritt sticks from Asda. Of course it’s not just Apple to blame for this, but a small piece of me dies inside everytime I see it happen.

One thought on “Apple

  1. And David Byrne’s another Microsoft tie-in example of course. The Rolling Stones too, and I’m sure there are other cases.

    But I’m not entirely convinced that showing iPods in music videos is a symptom of the same phenomenon. Isn’t it more likely to be the artists and/or directors of the videos trying to show how cool *they* are by showing iPods being used?

    (I could be being wrong and not cynical enough, of course…)

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