Other imaginary friends

Because the fascists in our office seem to have instituted a "no talking if you’re a temp" rule (apparently it’s okay if you have a contract), I’m forced to invent yet more imaginary friends for myself. My latest is Tyrone The God of Photocopiers and Other Facsimilie Devices. Tyrone’s altar is a large slab of plastic with the words Lexmark 3000 written on it.

Judging by the fact that the photcopier breaks on average once a week, I have decided that Tyrone is a vengeful and angry god who must be appeased with sacrifices of doughnut crumbs and used staples.

Okay this blog entry is bordering on the heretical and slightly mad, so I’ll stop there.

2 thoughts on “Other imaginary friends

  1. No, makes perfect sense to me.

    Though that ‘no talking’ rule is very odd. Perhaps an oblation to the God(dess) of Temping may be needed.

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