Isn’t it strange?

Not to sound snide aboutt the beliefs of my co-religionists, but have you ever noticed that it’s the type of Christians who so virulently opposed what they see as "postmodernism" (ie relativism). who are often the most virulent opponents of what they see as evolutionary theory?

This thought occured to me as this week as a shark that walk on it’s fins across the ocean bed has been discovered (

It seems to me that give or take elements of the theory, I have no problem with the idea of theistic evolution and frankly, it baffles me that anyone could have. Given that Christians generally believe in a God that does not tell lies, and that scientific processes and observations are generally regarded as truthful in other areas, you’d have to be pretty damn postmodern and relativistic yourself in order to NOT believe in evolution. In fact I’ve actually heard the same Christians use post-modern sounding arguments about the impossibility of having an objective viewpoint due to the subjective nature of human experience to discount evolution and THEN turn around and use the existence of scientific methodology as weapon against "relativism ". Inconsistent non? I’m sorry if this has offended anyone but it vexes me greatly.