Comfortable yet unyielding

I visited York today (shock, two non-displaced blog entries – so sue me!). Coming back to the city after such a long absence is like slipping into an old pair of courduroys that you’d forgotten about but when you try them on they still kinda fit in a comfortable but slighty unyielding way. The fabric may have frayed in places and somebody may have replaced your favorite record shop with a snack bar (In York that is not in my trousers (Track records, rest in peace)) but the comfort is still the same and you feel six years younger wearing them (The trousers that is, not York).

I also discovered this morning, that someone I used to know is now married with a kid. I guess I always thought the my friends would stay in cryogenic stasis until I saw them again and then they would defrost into insta-friend without ageing, relationship change or emotional scarring. This is only the second time I’ve heard from someone I haven’t seen for a few years and found that they have changed, most of my friends DO seem static when I see them again. Maybe these sorts changes will be more obvious over the coming years, like tectonic plates slowly generating mountains.
I’m feeling woozy and nostalgic, so if this blog entry sounds stupid I apologise.