Temporary Non-displacement – Normal service will be resumed shortly

I should point out that at this moment I’m in North Yorks – hence the title of this blog is inaccurate. If this offends you then please don’t call trading standards on me. after all you’re not paying to read this are you?

That caveat done with I’d like to answer Sarah’s request in the comment below. The top 5 names for dogs you’d like to the to the pub.

1) Mrs Sops the beer dripping dog (press your pint glass firmly against her fur and watch it magically refill your glass)
2) Jack Spaniels
3) Kebab
4) The Apologetic Drunken Tramp (like the Tramp from The lady and the Tramp, but after the doggy actors career had failed and he became a washed up bar fly who could only dream of better days and howl at the moon)
5) Narcolepsy

If anyone else has suggestions for top fives then let me know

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