Elastic thoughts

I’ve found that as a result of my job I’ve gotten really good at day dreaming. Early for reasons that are too dull to go into, I found my self wandering the streets of Birkenhead performing a relentlessly repetitive task. In situations like this my brain tends to free wheel and I imagined myself taking the pencil held in my hand and grafting it into the side of the nearest tree creating a pencil tee. Then over the years the pencils (including their leads) would multiply, covering the tree and turning it into a carbonised porcupine which any passing person could farm for pencils.

I decided to extend the concept and allow that any wooden object, fruit of vegetable could be grafted in a similar manner to generate:

Furniture trees (I realized whilst think about this that people don’t make that many things out of wood other than furniture or pencils)
Toy trees (only if the toys are made of all natural materials)
Grass trees (like trees but covered in a soft downy fur of grass)
And trees that have root vegetables growing from them (just cos)