Walt Disney and his wilfully non-decomposed body

I had one of the strangest work based conversations ever yesterday, ranging from the plausible (but not necessarily true) story that Walt Disney’s deceased body was placed in extreme cryogenic stasis at the moment of his death and the likelyhood of his ressurrection, to whether the universe has an end, via quantum theory and time travel – One of the upsides of my job is that my coworkers all seem quite educated.

I guess this is one of the effects of Tony Blairs education policy – the duller and more career minded you are, the higher you rise. This leaves a glut of quite interesting people to day dream their lives away in dead end jobs. Mind you – Einstein had his most interesting idea as a file clerk in the patent office of Bern in Switzerland. I think the government needs to start a think tank or research organization to harness the combined intellectual power of mass daydreaming.