My library woes (a rant)

Yesterdays blogging session was cut short (could you tell?). Not by the internet failing (again) but by a succession of middle aged women standing behind me and tapping me on the shoulder and asking me if I’m " …going to be a long time on that?" Now I’ve not got anything against middle aged women per se, but I which they stop being so… concerned about everything. It’s like they reach the age of forty five and everything becomes unbearable traumatic – the weather, young people using the computer for too long, televised sport, advert breaks. As far as I know my council tax pays for said library and I have as much right to blog as they have to look up cheap holidays. I’ll stop ranting now before I cover the screen in flecks of spittle.

On the plus side I have a meeting in a few hours with an agency which could lead to a job (fingers crossed tightly) and I’m going to see Pirates of the Carribean 2 tonight. That was a very short plus side wasn’t it?