Ten things not to say…

..when someone asks "Whats your biggest weakness?" in a job interview.

1) "I have difficulties understanding the concept of personal space"

2) "I have problems living up to expectations"

3) "I have scabies" (or other contagious disease)

4) "Kryptonite"

5) "Pasties"

6) "Alcohol"

7) "Small things tend to go missing when I’m around"

8) "I’m an inveterate womanizer"

9) "My wilful suspension of disbelief in the face of adversity"

10) "I have never known what love is"

I have a job interview on thursday (hurrah) and have been thinking all day about that dreaded question and trying to come up with a decent honest answer that doesn’t make me look like a complete buffoon (NB non of the above actually apply to me)

6 thoughts on “Ten things not to say…

  1. Good luck as well by the way.
    P.s. Just googled my name coz I was bored. Guess what the 20th result found was- this blog! Unfortunately the actually thing written was "Joy Ryde, Katie’s mum". So My mum is easier to find on you blog than your own girlfriend… Slightly worrying.

  2. just to clarify, the great one – O weavo – is correct, pasties is not a weakness, in the same way money is not the root of all evil, the love of it is. therefore i am guilty, i love pasties sinfully twice nightly like our bveloved late mr whitely. mmmmm steak bake.

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