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Temporary Non-displacement

Last weekend I found myself non-displaced and back in my homeland of North Yorks – hence I was unable to blog (if I did so then the title of my blog and it’s contents wouldn’t have matched and I would have been lying to you my dear readers).

Bizarrely enough it was the church weekend away which seemed to consist in almost equal parts, Jesus, bbq, wine and fields. In fact I drank more alcohol in a field with my church than I would have done on an average weekend in Liverpool with my non-churchy mates. Shameful

My job quest continues unabated (sort of), and I’ve found time to make a one minute long surrealist film with my friends Joe and Yolie (we did everything backwards and then played the film forwards so instead of jumping off stuff we look like we’re jumping unfeasibly high)


I’m learning to DJ as part of a film one of my friends is making for the Liverpool Biennial film competition. He wants to show the Liverpool job market through the eyes of hip hop (I think – I’m not too sure). I’ll keep you informed of our progress

Oh dear

Permit me a geek moment here – my all time favourite video game System Shock is to recieve a sequel. Regrettably the risible Electronic Arts (EA for short) are behind it so I can look forward to a reasonably complex and strategic game of computer hacking, shooting and puzzle solving being stripped down for the nu-metal Xbox loving generation and turned into a derivative on the rails shoot-em up (possible with cyber-goth overtones and a guitar trash soundtrack). Cos we wouldn’t want to confuse the youngsters with something that would actually require any skill to play would we?


for details (assuming you give a damn)

My all time top 5 dream jobs

Since I’ve been reading Nick Hornby and since I’m currently unemployed, I present to you my all time top 5 dream jobs (assuming training, expereince and time were not a set back). NB this list is in no particular order

1. Guitarist in a low-fi band (signed to Domino or Chemikal Underground records)
2. AI/cognitive science researcher (get to stay up late eating pizza and playing chess with my creations)
3. Novelist (writing funny yet serious novels about confused people)
4. C/C++ coder (especially for some lesser known but still quite cult games company i.e. Gremlin, or Looking Glass studios)
5. Alchemist (okay so I could only think of four things really, but if I lived in the past, this is what I’d probably be)

Existential doubts

Well I’m back in one piece after a mammoth 8 hour train journey. I’m quite tired but have some quality whisky and coffee to show for my trip.

On the way back down I read High Fidelity by Nick Hornby in it’s entiriety (I finally finished my Neal Stephenson marathon). Swap vinyl for cds and obscure japanese videogames and you’d have a fair approximation of my life, career anxieties and all. Must get a meaningful job….

Mull and beyond

We’re currently in Scotland (Mull to be precise) hence I’m kind of off the blogging rader (And spending exorbitant amounts of money for the privilege of writing this). Whilst up here we visited Iona, the home of western Christianity and Sheep, which has some lovely beaches when you avoid the day trippers. We’ve also spent a lot of time hunting for otters along the coast but have so far been eluded by the wet furry creatures. We have seen porpoises though.

I didn’t get the job by the way. Must stop typing now cos it costs too much

It’s over…

My job interview yesterday went alright. Not great and not a spectacular failure (as far as I noticed) either. They did however ask the dread question about weaknesses but they rephrased it to "what would your co-workers say your weaknesses are" I hedged my bets and said multitasking but I pointed out that the corrolory of this is that I can over focus for hours on one task if need be (I didn’t point out that I actually have to ENJOY said task before I am capable of such a feat).

Today coincidently I lost my current job (not through any fault of my own, its just my contract ran out) so I’m now offically skint, which is a bummer cos I’m going to Scotland tomorrow to try and find whales (as opposed to going to Scotland tomorrow to try and find Wales, which obviously wouldn’t work :-). I’d settle for porpoises though if it came down to it.

Uh yeah…

Actually pasties are a weakness (though not one thats going to get in the way of a job -unless they were pasties laced with crack…). Thanks for all your messages of support. My interview is at 11:30 and apparently involves some kind of linux practical test but I’m not sure what exactly it will involve.

The job itself is in an oceanographic lab doing computery stuff (also of a disturbingly non-specific nature), I’m hoping its something relatively easy like database managment as opposed to some kind of crazy high level pattern-recognition-tracing-the-ocean-floor type of job. The vacancy was adevrtised as "scientific computer support" which could mean anything really but it kinda sounds fun (they have a supercomputer on site I think)

Ten things not to say…

..when someone asks "Whats your biggest weakness?" in a job interview.

1) "I have difficulties understanding the concept of personal space"

2) "I have problems living up to expectations"

3) "I have scabies" (or other contagious disease)

4) "Kryptonite"

5) "Pasties"

6) "Alcohol"

7) "Small things tend to go missing when I’m around"

8) "I’m an inveterate womanizer"

9) "My wilful suspension of disbelief in the face of adversity"

10) "I have never known what love is"

I have a job interview on thursday (hurrah) and have been thinking all day about that dreaded question and trying to come up with a decent honest answer that doesn’t make me look like a complete buffoon (NB non of the above actually apply to me)