It’s the obligatory world cup post

So then, another four years have passed and the world cup inextricably rolls up alongside us like a big city fat cat pulling up by the kerb and becoming us inside his jag. Ummm….

Heresy of heresies, I’m not actually that interested in the world cup this year. I lived through five or six of them now and I’m pretty certain we won’t win. This isn’t pessimism, it’s just blind apathy. Beside ’round these parts international football seems to be an excuse for large men in pubs wearing ill-fitting vests to hurl racial invectives at the TV.

One of these days, us videogamers are going to be recognised as the cyberatheletes we are and my ability to score headshots with a lightning gun from 200 yards (without using the scope I might add) will be as cherised as Wayne Rooneys metatarsal. Well it’s possibility isn’t it?