The job hunting blues

Aproximately once a year for the last few years I’ve been obliged to find myself a new job, either through rubbish temping contracts or travel disrupting my lifestyle or such like. This years career crisis is sparked by the rubbish temping job which is about to expire.

By vocation I guess I count as a computer scientist or philosopher (my degree was in both subjects which technically puts me in the same intellectual ball park as Alan Turing of the Bletchley Park codebreakers (although in entirely different leagues), but I digress). I have often wondered just how the devil did Socrates making any sort of living out his vocation? After all it’s not like academic grants were a common thing in 4th cent BC Athens. Maybe Socrates worked as a skivvy on the side to make ends meet, picking tomatoes or working in a call centre? Maybe he was rich to start with?

Maybe I should look for a job as a coder instead.

2 thoughts on “The job hunting blues

  1. I think that Socrates took in students and charged for tuition and board.

    I hear that he did a mean Moussaka and his retsina was something to be tried.

    Of course, he was also very good at football and probably made lots of money from that.

    Oh, that was the Brazilian Socrates. Sorry…

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