Head marinade

I stayed up leter than I have done for a long time last night (twas nearly 4am that I went to sleep) so I apologise if this is more inchoherent than usual.

I am very close now to the end of Neal Stephensons "the baroque cycle" and he seems to have finally stopped lecturing me on the works of the stock market and the funadamentals of 17th cent computational maths in order to let the action develop a bit. I’d highly recommend the whole series (beginning with "Cryptonomicon" which far better than the Da Vinci Code) but only if you have A LOT of free time or are really interested in where computers come from.

Also nearly finish Shen Mue 2, which is a crazy (and highly camp) japanese martial arts video game. Unfortunately the end involves climbing up a 40 storey skyscraper which has problems with it’s elevators. I spent a whole hour of my life yesterday just getting to the 18th floor. Make it stop please!