It’s the obligatory Da Vinci Code post

Firstly I’d like to apologise to my regular readers for this post. I know how irate some of you get about the whole lactating cash cow. Anyway I just wanted to make a couple of points (I’m not sure if they’ve ever been made on this site before so I apologise again if I’m repeating anyone else points)

The two types of people who annoy me most in relation to the Da Vinci Code are as follows (in no order):
The kind of people to whom the Da Vinci Code represents some kind of special revelation about Christianity. Apparently it’s all about repressing women and lying to people – which may at various times in history have been true, but if I was going to censor the bible I would have censored the bits about ‘Love thy neighbour as thy self and give the shirt off you back to your enemy’ (actually come to think of it I DO censor those bits) Those are the bits of the bible that are more troublesome than the fact that Jesus might have been married. Idiots

The other type of person that annoys me in regard to the Da Vinci code are the kinds of christians who think that it was inspired by Satan to attack the church. This leads me believe that Satan is in desperate need of a good copy editor (doubly so given that he also gets the blame for JK Rowlings entire oevur). Idiots

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Todays entry was brought to you by the letters D & V, the colour blue and the concept of ennui.
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