Cakes and their relation to chaos theory

It has been widely pointed out by scientists that small factors can have a big effect (for example the infamous butterfly effect). This holds especially true for cooking. Add more than a gram too much of flour and you can end up with a stodgy mess, add too much water and you cause an earthquake in East Timor, oh and a liquid mess in the bottom of the oven. Given this, the cake I baked the other day came out alright. My housemate and I both had birthdays this week and since I’m now 25, if I want cake I have to bake it my damn self.

I’m now halfway to 50 and I haven’t done any of the things I told myself I’d do (aside from backpacking). I must get started right away. Just after I’ve had a cup of tea….maybe…

2 thoughts on “Cakes and their relation to chaos theory

  1. Happy Birthday! My unasked for advice: imagine yourself at 50 and making a list of what you had missed doing so far — and get started on doing them.

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