My computer doesn’t work. Since I do all my blogging through the library I can write unimpeded. However since my degree was in philosophy and computer science and I do a bit of coding on the side now and again, not having a working computer is a bit of a trauma. It just sits on my desk, whirring its fans and refusing to boot or give me any bios info. Its like a mini monolith from 2001, shiny black and enigmatically problematic. Maybe I should try beating it with a leg bone until it responds.

Maybe I should read a book for a change instead.

2 thoughts on “Headscratching

  1. Read a book or two but don’t give up on fixing the old computer or acquiring a new one. I hope you’ll be coding again soon. I was okay with a real old computer until it died last year and enjoying a new one that at least was born in the 21st century.

  2. Ta for the advice Nefer, now I just need to lay my hands on a decent book in the meanwhile

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