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It’s the obligatory world cup post

So then, another four years have passed and the world cup inextricably rolls up alongside us like a big city fat cat pulling up by the kerb and becoming us inside his jag. Ummm….

Heresy of heresies, I’m not actually that interested in the world cup this year. I lived through five or six of them now and I’m pretty certain we won’t win. This isn’t pessimism, it’s just blind apathy. Beside ’round these parts international football seems to be an excuse for large men in pubs wearing ill-fitting vests to hurl racial invectives at the TV.

One of these days, us videogamers are going to be recognised as the cyberatheletes we are and my ability to score headshots with a lightning gun from 200 yards (without using the scope I might add) will be as cherised as Wayne Rooneys metatarsal. Well it’s possibility isn’t it?

The job hunting blues

Aproximately once a year for the last few years I’ve been obliged to find myself a new job, either through rubbish temping contracts or travel disrupting my lifestyle or such like. This years career crisis is sparked by the rubbish temping job which is about to expire.

By vocation I guess I count as a computer scientist or philosopher (my degree was in both subjects which technically puts me in the same intellectual ball park as Alan Turing of the Bletchley Park codebreakers (although in entirely different leagues), but I digress). I have often wondered just how the devil did Socrates making any sort of living out his vocation? After all it’s not like academic grants were a common thing in 4th cent BC Athens. Maybe Socrates worked as a skivvy on the side to make ends meet, picking tomatoes or working in a call centre? Maybe he was rich to start with?

Maybe I should look for a job as a coder instead.

Head marinade

I stayed up leter than I have done for a long time last night (twas nearly 4am that I went to sleep) so I apologise if this is more inchoherent than usual.

I am very close now to the end of Neal Stephensons "the baroque cycle" and he seems to have finally stopped lecturing me on the works of the stock market and the funadamentals of 17th cent computational maths in order to let the action develop a bit. I’d highly recommend the whole series (beginning with "Cryptonomicon" which far better than the Da Vinci Code) but only if you have A LOT of free time or are really interested in where computers come from.

Also nearly finish Shen Mue 2, which is a crazy (and highly camp) japanese martial arts video game. Unfortunately the end involves climbing up a 40 storey skyscraper which has problems with it’s elevators. I spent a whole hour of my life yesterday just getting to the 18th floor. Make it stop please!

It’s the obligatory Da Vinci Code post

Firstly I’d like to apologise to my regular readers for this post. I know how irate some of you get about the whole lactating cash cow. Anyway I just wanted to make a couple of points (I’m not sure if they’ve ever been made on this site before so I apologise again if I’m repeating anyone else points)

The two types of people who annoy me most in relation to the Da Vinci Code are as follows (in no order):
The kind of people to whom the Da Vinci Code represents some kind of special revelation about Christianity. Apparently it’s all about repressing women and lying to people – which may at various times in history have been true, but if I was going to censor the bible I would have censored the bits about ‘Love thy neighbour as thy self and give the shirt off you back to your enemy’ (actually come to think of it I DO censor those bits) Those are the bits of the bible that are more troublesome than the fact that Jesus might have been married. Idiots

The other type of person that annoys me in regard to the Da Vinci code are the kinds of christians who think that it was inspired by Satan to attack the church. This leads me believe that Satan is in desperate need of a good copy editor (doubly so given that he also gets the blame for JK Rowlings entire oevur). Idiots

<Sesame street reference>
Todays entry was brought to you by the letters D & V, the colour blue and the concept of ennui.
</Sesame street reference>


I’m feeling much more optimistic about turning 25 than I did over the weekend, despite the rain (thank you Arti and Nefer for your comments). Large quantities of alcohol + introversion = angst x 2, I think. I wish they taught all teenagers that particular equation in high school, it would spare a lot of people a lot of trouble later on. And it’s much more applicable to most peoples day to day lives than, say pythagoras’ theorem.

On another note, it’s now the season for church barbeques, w00t! albiet it’s still wet cos it’s the north of England

Cakes and their relation to chaos theory

It has been widely pointed out by scientists that small factors can have a big effect (for example the infamous butterfly effect). This holds especially true for cooking. Add more than a gram too much of flour and you can end up with a stodgy mess, add too much water and you cause an earthquake in East Timor, oh and a liquid mess in the bottom of the oven. Given this, the cake I baked the other day came out alright. My housemate and I both had birthdays this week and since I’m now 25, if I want cake I have to bake it my damn self.

I’m now halfway to 50 and I haven’t done any of the things I told myself I’d do (aside from backpacking). I must get started right away. Just after I’ve had a cup of tea….maybe…


I have tried poking the errant computer with a femur, but no response. It does irk me to think that 4 years of university and I can’t work out whats wrong with it. Ah well, does anyone have any good book recommendations? I’ve struggled to read anything other than fiction since my uni days, so if you know of any good and easy to read theology/philosophy/maths/science or even books about otters, then send me a comment.


My computer doesn’t work. Since I do all my blogging through the library I can write unimpeded. However since my degree was in philosophy and computer science and I do a bit of coding on the side now and again, not having a working computer is a bit of a trauma. It just sits on my desk, whirring its fans and refusing to boot or give me any bios info. Its like a mini monolith from 2001, shiny black and enigmatically problematic. Maybe I should try beating it with a leg bone until it responds.

Maybe I should read a book for a change instead.

May Day Bank Holiday

I’ve been out of blogging range for a while because I spend the May day bank holiday in deepest darkest St Albans. A fairly sizeable chunk of said bank holiday was spent in the sunny beer garden of an old mans pub watching Morris Dancers clonk each other with wood and do crazy Wickerman-esque rituals with two handed swords (however they stopped short of burning anyone). Sometimes you come across something like this in your nations collective unconciousness and you realize how weird a place England actually is.

It always puzzles me that the right wing never really celebrate this kind of thing. When was the last time you saw the average BNP candidate strapping bells to his legs and twirling handkerchiefs around his head like a whirling dervish in order to celebrate his national identity? Or try convincing your average Daily Mail reader to give Wotan worship a go (It’s a proper British religion – None of that imported Judeo-Christian nonsense for us!). I have a funny feeling it’s not going to work. It’s a shame really, but for some people being English is a matter of scowling rather a lot and complaining. Hmm