The Art of Procrastination

This afternoom I have an exam. It’s not an exam I can prooperly revise for as it’s more of a logica test to see if I can do a particular job. Nethertheless I’m sure I could make some attempt at preparation for it. Instead I choose to gently procrastinate.

I think if there is any knack to procrastination, it is to place yourself in a position where you COULD potentially do work, say for example a library, and then tell yourself that X amount of hours in the library equates with X amount of hours work. You have to tell yourself that merely by being there, you are absorbing knowledge. It may look like you’ve spent the last half an hour playing solitaire but really your unconscious mind has been working over time cogitating some problem. In addition to this, the aftermentioned unconscious mind will check in with you when it has solved said problem, so in fact you need do nothing. This type of procrastination is common amongst students and low paid workers alike. I should know

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