The Dr Peter Venkman Laundry Scale

Whilst watching GhostBusters 2 last night I realized that one line from the film must have penetrated my mind as a child and stayed with me to the present day. It’s the point at which Bill Murray’s character surveys his bachelor pad and announces "There’s not just clean and dirty clothing, there are subtle grades of freshness".
He’s right you know. Currently distributed in an uneven horseshoe around my room are: 1 slighty musty jumper, several freshly cleaned socks, a dressing gown (cleanliness undetermined, as I only wear it for twenty minutes a day). three pairs of underwear (clean), a slightly crumpled shirt (worn once – febreeze fresh). I think the "subtle grades of cleanliness" theory helps go a long way to dispelling the myth of the binary states of cleanliness oligarch that dominates modern society. I apologise if my girlfriend is reading this.