It snowed like crazy in Liverpool this weekend. It came to about 4 inches which is pretty mad for the north west.

I went to see some pretty cool bands on Sunday night in an art gallery on duke street. Stand outs included 1UP who did covers of 16bit videogame sound tracks. I was ashamed to realise that not only did I recognise which games they came from but that I knew which levels the tracks were from. I think the distinction betwen ‘geek’ and ‘nerd’ is the level of shame one feels over ones hobbies and interests. The marks of your true nerd is that he would feel no shame whatsoever at knowing the band in front of him are playing the music from stage 2.1 of Sonic 2 (it’s the level where sonic goes to the chemical plant). As I type this I weep with shame (kind of) – ergo I am not a nerd.

Also EXTREMELY good is an unassuming chap called John Smith, who plays his guitar in a manner that can only be called ‘percussive’ – i.e. he simultaneously drums on his guitar with one hand whilst playing the strings by hammering on them with his other hand. If you’re reading this and he playes near you, then you really should go and see him. Probably the best individual musician I have ever seen.

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