Oh no, not again

Well feb the 14th (otherwise known as valentines day) has crawled around again. Even if you’re in a functional relationship, the level of tat, stuffed toys and overly sentimental cards is enough to put you in an existential funk for several days.

Last year I managed to avoid most of this karmic fallout by working a bar populated almost entirely by miserable old men (with a few couples thrown in too), whilst Katie was in Oz 10,000 miles and 12hrs away.

I guess it’s the politics of the situation that I find most distressing. How much money do you spend (not a lot in my case as I recently lost my last temping job)? There is also a level of one-up-manship inherent in those massive outsized cards and toy bears, which is…. disturbing to say the least. It’s like an emotional cold war arms race, which can only end in disaster and synthetic fur. What exactly does one do with said bear afterward anyway? Don’t go down that route kids. If Hallmark have to tell you how to say "I love you" then your obviously some kind of emotional jellyfish caught in one of lifes rip-tides.

[REDACTED obviously apologies profusely to any of his readers who like soft toys and wishes them all the best]

2 thoughts on “Oh no, not again

  1. Like everything, it’s what you make of it … so nasty commercialised overrated expensive day … or day set aside for expressing love, as well as the love you express on other days 🙂

  2. Yeah I guess you’re right. It’s just that the commercial aspect depresses me greatly. I did have a rather nice home cooked meal though (veggie mexican in case you’re wondering). Incidently I’ve noticed that ranting on my blog gets me more readers and comments than being nice…

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