So that was 2005

Okay so taking a leaf from Wired magazine, so this is what was wired and what was tired about 2005 for me

1) Uh, I finally went travelling (Thailand w00t!).

2) Katie bought a house.

3) My coding skills are getting better (I am 1337 as they say).

4) My sleeping patterns are fairly normal.

1) The unmentionable pub job (now deceased)

2) I missed out on the wedding of two good friends (due to aformentioned pub job and the need to get enough money together to go).

3) Jet lag (though not necessarily a bad thing as I got to see the sun rise in Thailand).

Wow that’s 4 good things and 2 and a half bad. That makes it offically a good year. Yeah!

My new years resolution is to grow a beard but it’s itching my face quite badly at the moment so I might not keep it very long.