Monthly Archives: January 2006


For reasons too difficult to explain in such a short space of time, I’m going to a party in a convent next weekend. I think I might use the situation to find out wat really makes nuns tick, I’ll report back my findings. Nun-tastic.

So what’s it for then?

So now we are officially more than half way through the first decade of the 21st century. To be fair when I was very young I thought I’d be riding to work in a hovercar by now (I was VERY young). I beginning to wonder what its for?… I mean this decade. Popular culture tells us the 60’s were about idealism and protest. The 80’s were (broadly speaking) about greed and the era of the yuppie, the 90’s – apathy Generation X and the slacker ( I watched ‘Mallrats’ the other night which set me off thinking). Do we even have a zeitgiest anymore? What pop culture will people in the future remember about now? Maybe it will be the emergence of blogging, maybe it will be videogames as an art form? Maybe it will be Simon Cowell’s bloated head and another disposi-pop-act? Who can say?…
(I think that’s the most number of question marks I’ve used in a single blog entry).

So that was 2005

Okay so taking a leaf from Wired magazine, so this is what was wired and what was tired about 2005 for me

1) Uh, I finally went travelling (Thailand w00t!).

2) Katie bought a house.

3) My coding skills are getting better (I am 1337 as they say).

4) My sleeping patterns are fairly normal.

1) The unmentionable pub job (now deceased)

2) I missed out on the wedding of two good friends (due to aformentioned pub job and the need to get enough money together to go).

3) Jet lag (though not necessarily a bad thing as I got to see the sun rise in Thailand).

Wow that’s 4 good things and 2 and a half bad. That makes it offically a good year. Yeah!

My new years resolution is to grow a beard but it’s itching my face quite badly at the moment so I might not keep it very long.