Monthly Archives: December 2005

Twisted grotto of blinding lights

I’ve just returned from the liverpool christmas house. A gentleman in Liverpool every year turns the lower floor of his house into a grotto replete with nativity scene (featuring Santa), various assort robotic singing and dancing Santas(as well as a pinnochio), a model train, and what must be a thousand or more fairly lights, oh and fake snow made from cotton wool. The outside of the house is guarded by a twenty foot tall santa wielding a neon staff.Very impressive. The end result is thrown open to the public for a nominal charity fee. The end results is somewhere between disneyland and one of those sensory deprivation tanks used for treating over stimulated autistic children…oh the lights they burn! Go and have a look if you live in the area, it’s guarrunteed to leave you twitching in admiration. The image of the twenty foot tall Santa standing watch outside is permenantly etched on my brain. Cool.