Monthly Archives: November 2005

Arab strap

I’ve started going to gigs again so I thought I’d review one of them for you…

Last Sunday I saw the mighty Arab Strap perform at the Carling academy Liverpool. They were supported by a rather cool bearded guy who played the accordian and did a quite frankly ace cover version of "Come on Eileen" by Dexys midnight runners, a song which I’ve never particularly liked until now.

Arab Strap are most famous for doing the music for the Guinness advert with the Hot Air balloon shaped like a cow. They didn’t play that song on Sunday – I think due to a lack of drums, but possibly because they are always asked to play it. Instead they did an acoustic set with tracks from they’re new album and some old stuff. The main thing that struck me about seeing them live was how much their frontman Aiden Moffat looked like a young "under Milk Wood" era Oliver Reed… he was quite possibly a bit tipsy as well. Musically and lyrically most of their songs are quite dark and involve lots of swearing but make a great counter point to most commercial pop. Also Aiden Moffat tends to talk his songs rather than sing them, but if you should see them if they are playing near you and you want to be sworn at by an Oliver Reed clone or alternatively if you like Indie Music. Two thumbs up.