It’s definitely getting chillier now and darker on a morning. I do like autumn though.

This weekend I had a strange computer game related dream. Given that I never remember my dreams I thought I’d share this one. In my dream I arrived in the Legend of Zelda game world with my housemate Dan. For those of you who haven’t played the game think pixellated forest fantasy manga stylings. Unfortunately noone in the world can actually speak english, they communicate almost entirely through onomatopiec utterances (e.g "sploosh", "schmmeee", etc). This creates a problem if in the dream world you decide to hassle the shop keeper for baileys irish cream (fantasy cartoon shop keepers tend to have any endless supply of boomerangs and bombs but nothing alcoholic). So I got into a violent argument with him, because I couldn’t work out what baileys irish cream translates into in onomatopieas.

Has anyone in internet land had any odd dreams recently that they’d want to share with me? And yes I know you dreamt you were a giant otter last night Dan.