James Blunt is a smug little man…

‘My life is brilliant’ – well why don’t you go and trouble someone else with it then?

Sorry… we got a new office radio today – I’d forgotten how much I dislike James Blunt, ah well I’m going to bring the Smashing Pumpkins greatest hits into the office tomorrow, that should help my fragile state of mind.

Good news though, I’m off to Italy in a few weeks – given that at this time of year Liverpool gets rained on as much as Los Angeles did in ‘Blade Runner’ being in Milan/Torino for a week is definitely a good thing. I might have to make sure I’m in Yorkshire for Christmas, it’s more likely to snow over there.

Other good news: I have finally got more than 1000 hits on my blog, I would like to thank all my regular readers as well as the kinds of people who stay up late at night typing phrases like "rasta probusci" into google.