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Philip K Dick

I’ve recently started re-reading the works of SF/drugs fiction author Philip K Dick (the same guy that wrote Blade runner, minority report and Total Recall as well as inspiring the authors of The Matrix). I last read some of these as a teenager and now returning to them as an adult I can see a lot more of the theology behind them.

I know a lot of people who take drugs none of whom are particularly religious but I think that Dick’s (quite possibly mistaken) idea is that drugs are a kind of sacrament that peel back the false layers of reality (like Maya in Buddhism or taking the red pill in The Matrix). I’m not sure what to make of it to be honest, I’m sure Dick recognised the head wrecking power of drugs and their ability to destroy sanity – even if he didn’t recognise the head wrecking power of his own fiction. but it’s getting my brain thinking again, which is always good. I’ll write more when I’ve thought about it some more.

I’m listening to french hip-hop in “le ‘Hood”.

We’ve had a week of bringing random cd’s in to work – the current choice is MC Sola. Yesterday we had Phil Collins. I was going to bring my Ultimate Gregorian Chant album in to scare my co-workers but forgot this morning. I’ve spent the afternoon trying to work out what "in the ‘hood" would be in french. There is something hypnotic about french rap though. I suspect that german rap would just sound funny. Anything in german sounds extremely rude (even asking for directions)

I only have one more week of human resourcing ahead of me then I get made redundant, or possibly transferred to another station. Hurrah.


It’s definitely getting chillier now and darker on a morning. I do like autumn though.

This weekend I had a strange computer game related dream. Given that I never remember my dreams I thought I’d share this one. In my dream I arrived in the Legend of Zelda game world with my housemate Dan. For those of you who haven’t played the game think pixellated forest fantasy manga stylings. Unfortunately noone in the world can actually speak english, they communicate almost entirely through onomatopiec utterances (e.g "sploosh", "schmmeee", etc). This creates a problem if in the dream world you decide to hassle the shop keeper for baileys irish cream (fantasy cartoon shop keepers tend to have any endless supply of boomerangs and bombs but nothing alcoholic). So I got into a violent argument with him, because I couldn’t work out what baileys irish cream translates into in onomatopieas.

Has anyone in internet land had any odd dreams recently that they’d want to share with me? And yes I know you dreamt you were a giant otter last night Dan.

Milk The Funk

I just want to wish everyone who is reading a Happy John Peel Day!
which is tomorrow (oct 13th).
But I won’t be able to blog tomorrow.
So I’m saying it now.

It’s been a year since the great man died now. I have many fond memories of laying in bed and listening to his random mix of indie folk, rock, dance, grindcore, and general randomness. He was the sound of my teenage years, and of my first mix taping experiments. I even learned to play guitar, in part because of his show. Listen to the John Peel tribute tonight on radio one please. there it is:

Happy John Peel Day.

James Blunt is a smug little man…

‘My life is brilliant’ – well why don’t you go and trouble someone else with it then?

Sorry… we got a new office radio today – I’d forgotten how much I dislike James Blunt, ah well I’m going to bring the Smashing Pumpkins greatest hits into the office tomorrow, that should help my fragile state of mind.

Good news though, I’m off to Italy in a few weeks – given that at this time of year Liverpool gets rained on as much as Los Angeles did in ‘Blade Runner’ being in Milan/Torino for a week is definitely a good thing. I might have to make sure I’m in Yorkshire for Christmas, it’s more likely to snow over there.

Other good news: I have finally got more than 1000 hits on my blog, I would like to thank all my regular readers as well as the kinds of people who stay up late at night typing phrases like "rasta probusci" into google.

Hello again people.

Life is still a mad swirl of stuff.

I’m still in my job but very soon to be made redundant, I’m doing some programming on the side though which is nice, but I’ve lost the Zen state of mind I used to be able to get myself into during my final year at university. Recently I’ve been reading Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson which is very cool in an extremely geeky way (but unlike Enigma by Robert Harris it actually explains the maths of code breaking a bit).

Katie’s house is getting better all the time – we’ve mowed both front and back garden and I think she has a shower now too. I think I’m supposed to be helping her cook some Thai food for a students lunch tomorrow but I’m not quite sure.