Giant Otter Polisher*

*NB Some or maybe all of this entry is false (but I would like to dedicate it to Matt Gordon who is heading to China this week as well as Dan for obvious reasons)

I have a new job polishing a giant brass otter in Liverpool city centre. It is a very tall otter and I have to brasso it all from its whiskers down to it’s clawed feet. This is a very tiring task which takes all day and usually it is grimy again by the next requiring me to start all over again to keep the otter clean.

See I told you.

Actually my new job is nothing like the above and requires me to work in an office with spreadsheets but it isn’t a tiring job at all. It does however mean that I don’t write my blog as often as I should, so I might have to make things up at work from now on to fill the time – but I don’t think day dreaming about giant brass otters is a viable use of taxpayers money (currenly I’m office temping for the police see)

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