Monthly Archives: September 2005


The job I currently have is the first 9-5 job I’ve had in nearly a year so it’s playing havoc with my ability to blog and by saturday morning I’ve usually forgotten all the cool creative stuff/random daydreaming I’ve done during the week.

I did get a rather cool toy this week though – It’s a Gameboy Advance programming kit that a friend bought me from china (thanks Matt if you’re reading this, I need a usb cable to connect it though) I will post a link to the results of my efforts too.

Katie’s House

It just occured to me that I haven’t written an entry about Katie’s house yet – which is a very cool house… in a slightly dodgy area not too far from where I used to work in the bar. All the houses in that area of town are in streets named after bits of russia and most have pointy arched windows in keeping with the theme. Katies is a newer addition to the area but still very nice. I’d post a picture but a) I’m not sure how to and b) you might stalk her. But trust me it’s cool.

Giant Otter Polisher*

*NB Some or maybe all of this entry is false (but I would like to dedicate it to Matt Gordon who is heading to China this week as well as Dan for obvious reasons)

I have a new job polishing a giant brass otter in Liverpool city centre. It is a very tall otter and I have to brasso it all from its whiskers down to it’s clawed feet. This is a very tiring task which takes all day and usually it is grimy again by the next requiring me to start all over again to keep the otter clean.

See I told you.

Actually my new job is nothing like the above and requires me to work in an office with spreadsheets but it isn’t a tiring job at all. It does however mean that I don’t write my blog as often as I should, so I might have to make things up at work from now on to fill the time – but I don’t think day dreaming about giant brass otters is a viable use of taxpayers money (currenly I’m office temping for the police see)

The equilibrium I call ‘normal’

I’m sleeping again. And I have money. The day of the matthew street festival I went to was a bit dull, but I managed to befriend some Very Odd People who had just started attending my church. They were brother and sister (called Steven and Niaomi) who were quite intense and talkative and one of them had a thing about photographing herself next to an alley called ‘Needless Alley’ every month in Birmingham. This presented a problem to her as it was nearly the end of the month and she hadn’t taken the photograph yet. We all ended up sat on the floor of WH Smiths thumbing through the A-Z of liverpool looking for an appropriately named alleyway. We must have looked strange to the staff of WH Smith(I told you they were Very Odd). We had no luck so Niaomi had to have her photo taken next to Drury Lane instead (of muffin man nursery ryhme fame). All of which was more fun than the depressing irish band performing sea shanties on the new band stage.
The End