Monthly Archives: August 2005

Synaptic faliure imminent.

I’m tired this morning, I thought it was time for another caffine reduction attempt. Right now I’d kill for tea.

Anyway today is my day off so I thought I’d get some stuff done. Right now I’m in the middle of washing my bedding and pottering around, housemate Dan is going off on an adventure that will take him to Yorkshire, Bromyard (Herefordshire) and eventually the Leeds festival (If I understood right this morning). Housemate Iwan is still on holiday but will be meeting up with Dan later in the week so right now I’ve got the house to myself. I should throw a party or something.

Oh and other note worthy news – Katie has bought a house (or rather her parents have)! It’s apparently really good as well, I think the only downer is that it’s located a couple of miles away from where I live.

Right, now I’m going to put the kettle on.