The broken down comfort collection

I’m working 65hrs this week, I feel like a doctor or something. Currently I have two jobs (hence the lack of blogage). My head never stops. I’ve been so jacked up on caffine, gurana and lucozade that I feel like some kind of crash is inevitable. The problem is that 3 people have handed in their notices at the bar in the last week and there are people who work there who I don’t want to bail out on, but my day job is better paid (and more sociable). I guess they can always employ more people though.

On another, happier note, the garden project for merseyfest is complete (I think). I’d post pictures but I have no webspace at the moment. It does look very nice though and the weather has been great recently.

One thought on “The broken down comfort collection

  1. You are the true geek, i can’t believe you have a log to ikaruga from your blog, shame on you, shame on you!

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