…Is falling from the sky. Very quickly.

I wonder what it was like for those early cavemen/human beings, when they had developed enough intelligence to realise that water falling out of the sky is A Very Odd Thing Indeed, but before they were able to theorise about it properly (after all even blaming the rain god requires some basic understanding of cause and effect).

Anyway I hope the weather gets better, MerseyFest this week and then the Scarborough beach festival http://www.beached.net/H2005/ next weekend (if I’m able to go what with work and stuff). It’d be good to see Yorkshire again.

I have a new job starting monday but I’m going to see if I can still do a couple of bar shifts for a bit of extra cash so I’m going to be knackered by next weekend anyway.

One thought on “Water…

  1. What an interesting thought re the rain and the cavemen! I’ll be thinking about that all night! 😉

    All the best for the new job!

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