A night off

Yesterday I finally got a call from the shipping company to explain that I didn’t get the job, as apparently I was too nervous in the interview. Great. But from what I learned later, the son of someone who already works there got the job instead. Nepotism rules.

Last night was better though because I had the night off. It was a friend’s 30th birthday (it’s difficult to wish someone a happy birthday under those circumstances without reminding them how old they are getting) and so we ate large quantities of barbequed food and cheese cake. By an incredibly weird twist of fate I met a couple from York at this party, one of whom used to teach at my old school (not whilst I was there mind you, but she did describe my old head of year as a ‘harridan’, how apt), and the other used to work in a place Katie worked in for a while down in Somerset. Most co-incidences ever.

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