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My two weeks of stupidly self inflicted hard work is at an end

Well I still have one or two more bar shifts left. But nearly at an end. I’ve drunk far too many energy drinks. As as a reward to my self I’ve bought a pocket guitar reference book which should (hopefully) improve my playing and give me something to do with my free time. Katie is away in Somerset and my housemates Dan and Iwan are off at the Leeds festival. Liverpool has the Matthew street festival this weekend headlined by none other than McFly, um great. It looks like rain so I’m going to give it a wide berth. All the shop in town are playing Beatles albums back to back and there are people everywhere.

And on that bombshell I’m going to get my hair cut if I can.

The broken down comfort collection

I’m working 65hrs this week, I feel like a doctor or something. Currently I have two jobs (hence the lack of blogage). My head never stops. I’ve been so jacked up on caffine, gurana and lucozade that I feel like some kind of crash is inevitable. The problem is that 3 people have handed in their notices at the bar in the last week and there are people who work there who I don’t want to bail out on, but my day job is better paid (and more sociable). I guess they can always employ more people though.

On another, happier note, the garden project for merseyfest is complete (I think). I’d post pictures but I have no webspace at the moment. It does look very nice though and the weather has been great recently.


…Is falling from the sky. Very quickly.

I wonder what it was like for those early cavemen/human beings, when they had developed enough intelligence to realise that water falling out of the sky is A Very Odd Thing Indeed, but before they were able to theorise about it properly (after all even blaming the rain god requires some basic understanding of cause and effect).

Anyway I hope the weather gets better, MerseyFest this week and then the Scarborough beach festival next weekend (if I’m able to go what with work and stuff). It’d be good to see Yorkshire again.

I have a new job starting monday but I’m going to see if I can still do a couple of bar shifts for a bit of extra cash so I’m going to be knackered by next weekend anyway.

Another shameless plug… and hamster fun

Today I’d like to plug
cos it’s happening next week! – Katie’s church are involved in a project to build a garden for asylum seekers (Blue Peter / Ground Force/ Anneka Rice stylee) and we still need bits and pieces like masonry paint and some other stuff that temporarily escapes my mind (we do have plants and decking though). Not sure if anyone in blogland can help but get in touch if you can.

Yesterday we got katies housemates hamster out of it’s cage and spent some time watching as it explored the world we created with our hands and arms. I must look like a mountain range from that perpective. Or God. The hamster seemed fairly well adjusted though considering the vastness it was suddenly confronted with. As Katie remarked, it must be fun to live in a world where little bridges made out of hands appear wherever you want to go.

The joy of indie

One of the best things about moving house is that you tend to redicover lots of things you forgot you own. I’ve gone more than a year without a CD collection to call my own, my old house was too small for my stereo. So recently I’ve been trawling through looking for music I’d not listened to for a while and I’ve dug up Pavement’s last ever album ‘Terror Twilight’. The last time I listened to this was in halls of residence in my first year. This album brought back memories of the indigestible food and eating hob nobs at 4am whilst trying to finish essays. In fact my CD collection is like some kind of memory lane photo album right now, everything reminds me of student parties, 6th form college, Glastonbury and John Peel. I didn’t realize that sound could trigger as many memories as vision does.

A few days off

I’ve had the last couple of days of work, which I’ve devoted to pottering around the house and doing laundry. I’m trying to work up to doing a bit of coding, but haven’t done much yet. I think my job propects would be better if I work on my technical skills more. I have a few shifts at the end of the week in the bar, so I’m not short of cash in the meantime.

A night off

Yesterday I finally got a call from the shipping company to explain that I didn’t get the job, as apparently I was too nervous in the interview. Great. But from what I learned later, the son of someone who already works there got the job instead. Nepotism rules.

Last night was better though because I had the night off. It was a friend’s 30th birthday (it’s difficult to wish someone a happy birthday under those circumstances without reminding them how old they are getting) and so we ate large quantities of barbequed food and cheese cake. By an incredibly weird twist of fate I met a couple from York at this party, one of whom used to teach at my old school (not whilst I was there mind you, but she did describe my old head of year as a ‘harridan’, how apt), and the other used to work in a place Katie worked in for a while down in Somerset. Most co-incidences ever.

10 Ways in which my bar job could be made slightly more fun*

1) Replace the grumpy old men…with the aliens from the star wars cantina.

2) Replace the alcohol with Ritalin.

3) Replace the managers with androids (they’d probably have more empathy than the mindless automata we currently have – Apologies if any of you are reading this)

4) Give us better uniforms

5) Pump marijuna through the air vents so that everyone (staff and customers alike) is calm and peaceful.
Incidently, have you ever noticed how alcohol makes people surly and belligerent, but it’s still legal? Weird eh?

6) Give the staff cattle prods to remove the surly and belligerent customers at the end of the night.

7) Music

8) More wildlife in the pub (I only mention this because I met someone a few weeks ago who makes artifical badgers sets).

9) Make the customers say "please" and "thank you" before we are allowed to serve them.


*N.B. For the purposes of this blog entry I define "fun" as anything which might actually make me want to do my job

I only wish I’d thought of it first…

A religious cult in Malaysia which apparently worshipped a giant teapot, had their holy relic demolished because it was un-Islamic.


for details.

It must be quite hard to get planning permission for a giant teapot in the first place and it’s a shame it was destroyed. Come to think of it I’d probably worship giant teapots if I didn’t already worship God.

My job just got a whole lot worse

Still no word from the shipping company so I’m still in McJob hell. This got a whole lot worse this week as the managment are refusing to let us take tips any more. The reason for this is that they think stocks and takings are too low hence they think that someone is stealing. Even if that was the case, how in hell does it justify punishing everyone else? I get paid £4.90 an hour and tips make an extra pound an hour on top of that so a substantial part of my income has gone, thanks a lot. I shall be leaving your employment as soon as possible (as will several other people – then see how you cope without us).