Things are looking up on the job front

I’m still working at the pub but I had an ‘informal’ interview at a shipping company on thursday. Not being familar with the company’s policy or knowing quite what ‘informal’ meant in an interview context, I briefly toyed with the idea of turning up wearing chinos and a salmon pink shirt with no tie, or possibly a turtle neck. I figured I’d look a bit like a yuppie (maybe accessorise with a white jacket with rolled up sleeves). In the end I opted for black trousers and a blue shirt with no tie. In the absence of turtle necks the interview seemed to go okay, so hopefully I’ll only be pulling pints for a bit longer (although we do have Theakstons Old Peculier at the moment!). Katie also has a job at the pub now because shes waiting for the CRB checks to come through on her ‘proper’ job working at a brain injury rehabilitation centre, but bizarrely the licensee has put us on seperate shifts so we won’t ever actually see each other because one us will always be working when the other one is free.

2 thoughts on “Things are looking up on the job front

  1. Why thank you sir! Yours is the noblest of causes. Even if you did beat us in the first ashes test.

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