The Ashes

Given my status as an unemployed person, I’ve become strangely addicted to the Ashes. I don’t normally care much for televised sport but Dan my housemate (another displaced Yorkshireman) insists that understanding the game is my duty, on account of my yorkshireness. So I’ve been getting my head around the complexities of the LBW rule and drinking tea. I even get as far as getting faintly exc ited when we do well and listening to Dan insult Flintoff for being fat (Flintoff being from Lancashire and hence our historic enemy but he appears to be a pretty good bowler so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt).

My unemployment has changed abrubtly though becuase I finally caved in and went back to the pub I used to work in. Blearly eyed alcoholic scousers here I come, hurrah!. At least I’ll get some practice at being evil to the customers for a while. Until I get a proper job.