Is it just me or are librarys becoming increasingly noisy? I had to leave my local library earlier because it was impossible to work due to the singing of the mums and tots group (or rather "parent who stays at home and tots group" if we are going to be inclusive about it). Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure groups like that need suitable places to meet, but is a small community library really the best place? I’ve now relocated to the library in town and the librarians here talk louder than the clientel. Just what you need when you trying to plan your future using the internet. Well obviously I’m currently writing my blog, but I intend to start planning, just as soon as my daily rant is over. Has anyone else in blogland experienced this increase in noise in our public places?

Our house of wayward mobility continues. I need to move soon. Having four people in a three bedroom house is intensly claustrophobic.