Monthly Archives: June 2005

A rather windy thursday

Yesterday I took an impromptu trip to the beach across on the Wirral with my friends Dai, Matt and Laura (I guess I was entitled to bunk off job hunting because I hadn’t seen them for a while). It turned out to be extremely windy so we built a fire. Matt decided to continue his diet of eating anything and everything, by boiling a cockle on the fire in a shell filled with mineral water. As he was about to eat the unfortunate cockle he dropped it in the sand, but still ate it anyway.

I attended Katies cell group for the first time last night. The subject of the meeting was the art of storytelling. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but it was pretty interesting (but felt a bit like my old A-Level English classes). And I learned how to escape a rhino (run in zig zag lines, because apparently they have difficulty turning). It was also the first Christian gathering I have attended in months so now I feel good about myself. My toothache is too bad to write anything more so I’m going to the dental hospital now

Displaced again

I’m back in the land of blue Lacoste tracksuits and people who can’t say the letter "K" without spitting (alternatively known as Liverpool). Very sunny here though. But I discovered that my house is filthy and the plates that one of my housemates left in the kitchen had welded themselves together with mold. I spent the morning prising things apart and sterilizing them with boiling water… and trying not to gag. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a particularly clean guy, it’s just that other than penicillin I can’t think of any type mold thats ever been good for anything. I also prefer my cutlery not to possess the properties of sentient life.

On the plus side I spent yesterday afternoon drinking tea and catching up on neighbours plotlines with Katie and her housemate Elly, which is always a good way to spend the day. I’m supposedly alternately job hunting and house huntimg now so I’ll stop typing.


I think I have toothache, I didn’t fall asleep last night until around 2 – 3 am because of the throbbing in my jaw. Oh and the fact I went out around Batley over in West Yorkshire with Dan and Dai (it was Dan’s friend Olga’s birthday). We went to the semi infamous Frontier Club ("The Home Of Entertainment…"). The Frontier used to be known as The Batley Variety Club which was made famous by the likes of Louis Armstrong and Tom Jones in its heyday (hence its level of semi infamy).

I also had fun and games with the staff of the Open Uni office in Leeds, none of whom seemed to understand what an MPhil was. Several staff recommended the undergrad prospectus to me – I had to point out that the "M" in "MPhil" stands for Masters. hmm, oh well they are posting me an application form anyway.

Hopefully I should see Katie tomorrow though, which is always a good thing 🙂


I got tagged by tractor girl and didn’t realize (mainly due to my brother switching the broadband router off mind you)

Okay so (if it’s not too late – I’m new to this tagging malarkey)

Total volume of music on your computer:

roughly 30 mp3 (comprising a mix of Doves, Beastie Boys, Belle & Sebastian, Rage Against The Machine, Joy Division, Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor! Elliot Smith)

The Last Album You Purchased Was:
Push Bar man to open old wounds – Belle & Sebastian

Song Playing right now:
Slow graffiti by the above

Seven Songs you’ve listened to a lot recently from different genres:

Body Movin’ – Beastie Boys (Hip Hop)
Paper Cup – Sonic Youth (art punk)
Jesus don’t want me for a sunbeam – Nirvana (um, grunge? folk music? not sure how to categorise it)
Salve Regina – Gregorian Chant
String Bean Jean – B&S (lo fi indie)
Murray Ostrel – Godspeed You… (kind of ambient I guess)
Flamenco Sketches – Miles Davis (Jazz)

That seems like a good mix

I couldn’t find anyone who hadn’t already been tagged though (lame I know, but true)

Things I have learned today…

Some of this is from the excellent site

How not to spill hot tea (very useful):

"On a hot tea hunt, keep your hands free. If you must carry things, consider pockets. In pouring the tea, don’t overfill the cup. There’s more hot tea for refills. Finally, when you get to the door, don’t reach for the knob with the hot tea hand. The other hand was created for situations like this. In the event that you do spill hot tea on your hand, do drop the cup. Retaining it will only result in further burning, as the scalded hand will be shaky"

How to Brain Wash yourself (and potentially your friends family and enemies):

"With BrainWasher for Windows 95, you can brainwash yourself with subliminal messages just like in the movies!… But BrainWasher does much more. Brainwashing is a form of learning and you can use BrainWasher to learn just about anything. Do you often underline important ideas in books and magazines that you read? Do you copy important quotes or pictures from the Internet and store them on your computer? Do you find that you never get around to reviewing the information that you have saved? If so, BrainWasher can help you keep these important items fresh in your mind by presenting a different one to you each time that you turn on your computer, or periodically throughout the day."

It apparently works by quickly flashing subliminal messages at your computer screen.

You can get the software from here:

I’m going to try it out. I’ll try brainwashing myself to not spill hot tea (of which I only drank two cups today). I’ll post the results.