I have a new house

I haven’t moved in yet, but it’s just around the corner from Penny Lane (yes, THAT Penny Lane, non-Liverpool based blog audience). I’ve just got to get my dad to act as a guarantor because I don’t have a job yet. That’s next on my list of things to do. Pretty decent house though (3 double bed rooms in a terrace).

Yesterday I went out with Andy and Dan for a final house meal, and got Katie along too. I probably drank a bit too much wine and beer because there is a gap in my memory and then I woke up on Katie’s sofa with no one around at about 1:30 am. My head feels alright though, but I’m a bit groggy so I apologise for the dullness of todays blog entry.

3 thoughts on “I have a new house

  1. oh – an additional music plug – you’d probably like shane beales – (the brother of rachel who i do music with). He is very, very, very good! and very local to you, so catch him somewhere if you can.

  2. Me and the Weavo do indeed know Shane, seen him and Baby Ingrid many a time. Went on a stag do with him in fact in Exeter/Bristol for our friend James. He was marrying a certain Rosie Martin, sister of Chris. Of Coldplay if anyone has been living under a mushroom for the last 3 years :o)

  3. Just to clarify, James is the brother in law of Mr Martin, not Shane Beales, just in case anyone missread Dan’s post. But yes, Baby Ingrid are great although I think I’ve only met Shane once.

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