Rest in peace Richard “twice-nightly” Whitley

I was saddened to hear of his death as he was probably one of the most famous Yorkshire men to grace the air waves. He also gave me something to do in the afternoons when I was a student (BA(Hons) = lots of ‘study time’ you see). Your garish suit/tie combos will be missed as well. Somewhere in heaven, Jesus is probably asking for a vowel right now. Maybe

Speaking of which I managed to hitch a lift back to Yorkshire this weekend and introduce Katie to my parents for the first time. It was probably about time given that we’ve been going out for 18 months. Other than my dad’s obvious disappointment that she can’t do crossword puzzles everything went alright and my parents behaved themselves well.

One thought on “Rest in peace Richard “twice-nightly” Whitley

  1. I replied to your query on my wiblog… then realised you might not see it! to repeat myself -the gig was at the ‘alchemy’ night at the view2 gallery, mathew street. acoustic stuff at that night, i would imagine you can google it pretty easily. The wisemen have an electric set coming up in liverpool too, sometime in July, do check them out if you can.

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