Yesterday morning I got a text from Katie asking if my parents were okay. Slightly puzzled I asked her what was wrong and discovered that according to Sky News my home town of Selby in North Yorkshire was apparently now under water! Well at least severely flooded. Fortunately someone at Sky got their facts (and geography) wrong. I rang my Dad to find out the details only to discover he had no idea what I was talking about. Ah well, it gave my day some kind of minor excitement.

I currently seem to occupy the position of ‘Mr Fixit’ in Katie’s house at the moment, since her computer seems to perpetually malfunction. It does mean that she should by all rights be perpetually grateful to me though (theoretically at least :-). Though I’m getting steadly more p***ed off with people of high I.Q. who have nothing better to do than write viruses and trojan horses that attack the computers of people who can’t afford firewalls – B******ds!

On another note I’ve started reading ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ and it’s making my head hurt already.

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  1. ‘there wasn’t enough communication in this car. I decided to tell him how it was…’ quality book.

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